We encourage our Foster Carers to continue training, development and higher learning for continued professional development of practice in line with your professional status.


Foster Carers’ learning needs are identified on an ongoing basis but formally reviewed and re-defined each year in conjunction with their Supervising Social Worker/Link Worker. Each Foster Carer agrees with their Supervising Social Worker/Link Worker a Personal/Professional Development Plan (PPDP) that is reflected and commented on at each Foster Carer annual review. Foster Carers are expected to attend the following training:

Mandatory Training

Main and Joint Carers:

Generally, in-house training sessions held during the day from 10am to 2pm will be equivalent to 4 hours’ training.

Applicable to Second Carers:

Training Support Development Workbook

All new Foster Carers are required to complete a TSD Induction Workbook within their first year of fostering. Supervising Social Workers/Link Workers will support Foster Carers in this process. Group Supervisions and individual mentoring is also available if required.

Other courses available may include those listed below:

Flexible learning may take the form of in-house training (preferred) or other development or learning opportunities which have been identified and agreed as such with your SSW and evidenced via reflective logs. This might include reading; research; workshops.

For more experienced carers with longevity of service we offer access to an AQA recognised Advanced Practitioner Award.

Next Step also operates an E-Learning resource, making access to learning easier for second Carers but is intended as an additional resource rather than a replacement for attendance at training. E-Learning courses are allocated as an identified need and in agreement with your Supervising Social Worker/Link Worker.

Susan Deamer
Training Manager

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