We regard Fostering as a skilled profession, and as such believe that you should receive a competitive income for your hard work. You will receive a weekly allowance (to cover the usual costs associated with raising a child); and a generous fee paid to you for each child that you
look after – this depends on your experience, skills and level of training. We operate a tiered system of skills and experience, which dictates your rates of pay.

Our objective and hopefully also your aspiration is to move you to the top tier on the back of training, development and ongoing support. Our Social Work team will review your position annually to ensure that you are progressing appropriately.

While the weekly allowance is tax free; the fee that you receive is taxable. Foster Carers work on a self-employed basis and receive very favourable tax treatment on income derived solely from Fostering. The taxable element is nominal (based on Fostering one child) and increases with each additional child that you Foster during the
same tax year. We offer all our Foster Carers tax advice workshops which can be accessed via your local office.

Tax information for Foster Carers from gov.uk

Additional allowances apply if for example you are looking after a Parent and Child or a young person with disabilities.

In addition you are also entitled to 16 nights paid ‘respite care’ ever year and you may also receive financial contributions to help with things like holidays.

You may also receive an annual bonus after 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 years, in line with your professional development.

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