Liz Mack, Supervising Social Worker for Safehouses and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)Awareness Champion, has 8 years’ experience in areas of fostering, Child Protection and Permanency. Many looked after children and young people have had difficult starts in their lives and have experienced neglect, abuse and trauma, which makes them more vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Confusion around young people’s rights and their capacity to consent to sexual activity can make it difficult to identify an exploitative relationship; and with young people reluctant to engage with services, sexual exploitation often goes unidentified. Liz has direct experience of supporting young people affected by CSE and also working with their families to try and help educate them around the issues so that they are better able to keep the young people safe.  In her role as Champion, Liz provides regular updates to staff teams and Carers on Child Sexual Exploitation- including articles, training, research and innovations in services and provides advice and support to any Foster Carer  or team member that may need it. 

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