Kelly came to Next Step with her 9 month old twins for an assessment of her ability to look after her children and to escape from a violent relationship.

Kelly had a lot of angry feelings towards professionals and this sometimes meant people believed she would not be able to meet her children’s needs.

Kelly lived in one of our foster homes that specialises in working with Parents and Children, where extra training and support is given to the foster carer to make sure the parents are supported and encouraged and the children are safe and well cared for.

Kelly took this opportunity with energy and focus and after an extended period of 9 months, left the foster home, with the agreement of the Court, to live in her own flat. Next Step provided support to her and even paid for her and her children to have a holiday, something she had never been able to do before.

Kelly has now lived independently for 2 years and is a far more confident and calm person with an improving level of self esteem. She has remained in contact with the foster carer and has also written a report for Ofsted on her positive experiences at Next Step and how her life and those of her children have changed for the better.

We are very proud of Kelly and her achievements.