Ben has been in care for 8 years and is now 15. He had a difficult early life and struggled to achieve at school or to have good relationships with his peers. His foster carers however, have stuck by him and have shown to him that they care and support him in every way possible.

Over the last 2 years Ben has come to terms with his early childhood experiences and with everybody encouraging him, pushing him, picking him up when he stalled, he is now flourishing in many ways.

One of these examples is that he has settled incredibly well at school, achieved some excellent academic results and is well respected by peers and teachers alike. He applied for a once in a lifetime trip to South Africa with the Social Services who are responsible for him.

This process, involving over 200 applicants involved essay writing, presentations and interviews with Council members. BEN WAS SUCCESSFUL, as one of only 10 young people to be accepted. He will be going to work on a nature reserve and also become involved with young people in the areas he is visiting.

He is currently doing sponsored events to help fund his trip which involves bike riding and other activities. We are all very proud of Ben and his foster carers for the efforts they have all made in the last 8 years.